A Family Holiday Chalet in the French Alps

A luxury summer chalet getaway with spectacular views

perfect day view over chalet to grand massif with praz de lys and sommand behind holiday chalet alps, 4 poster double bed

We have some of the finest hiking scenery in the world.

Paths and trails lead from the door of the chalet, winding across the surrounding mountainside affording views of the valley dotted with chalets, grazing meadows and forest. Here, traditional chalets still have balconies covered in geraniums and are burned by the sun while soothing water gurgles into their outside water troughs. The tiny rural farms make the famous mountain cheeses from small numbers of  cows in the pastures. The cows still wear traditional bells round there necks and you can hear their music as it floats up the mountainside on the warm breeze.

We invite you to enjoy the unique experience of this peaceful alpine chalet. Come and admire nature in all her grandeur.